How to gain financial freedom while still being an awesome mom.

Live the life you deserve with freedom and flexibility so you can run your own business and be able to pick up the kids from school.

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Gain financial freedom

Make money at home without having social media or selling someone on something and know that the money and time you are investing will actually turn a profit. 

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"Don't waste time sifting through bad advice...

I’ve cut out all the nonsense, fluff, and techniques that just plain don’t work, saving you countless hours and tons of money."

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Freedom of time

With this method you can pick up kids from school, make money on vacation, never request time off, & work when and wherever you want.

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Ready to Become a Secret Millionaire?

Stop searching for that golden opportunity to work from home that will allow you to earn an income you can feel good about - one that doesn’t force you to hawk lipstick to old high school friends or share your entire life on the ‘Gram. 


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Security in knowing that the money and time you are investing will actually turn a profit.

This method WORKS. I hold your hand and help you find products that are already in demand, but not overly saturated. More people have an amazon prime membership than don’t, let me help you take advantage of it.

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Make money from your home discreetly

Calling all introverts! You can make money online without having your face anywhere.

Feel secure and gain peace of mind

Replace your second household income if there was an emergency or loss of a job. Knowing you wouldn’t have to go back to a traditional job because you’re already secure with a business you’ll be financially safe with. Plus, Amazon isn’t going anywhere.

 Use this webinar as a launch for the full course

This webinar teaches you the basics, but my full course will go much deeper into the principles you learn turning you into a master of becoming a Secret Millionaire.

Client Testimonials


The story behind Secret Millionaire

I had really bad PPD after my second baby. I would  have panic attacks when my husband would leave for work because if something happened to him, I didn’t know how we would pay back any of the debt we were in. Along with buying a farm in a drought, coming out of vet school as well as two babies under 20 months.I felt run down, like I wasn’t contributing to anything for myself or family.  I know I am not the only one who has felt the soul crushing weight of trying to be a mom and also knowing we needed more financial help. Wanting to help but not knowing where to start or what to do, not wanting my kids to go to daycare and even if I sent them, my entire paycheck would go to taxes and daycare. To say I felt stuck is an understatement. My husband was working 60-70 hours a week already between farming, being on call for the clinic etc. He literally couldn’t take on any more. I just realized rather than crying about not having money and feeling like I was wanting more was no one else’s job to fix but mine. No one was coming to rescue me, It was up to me. I finally was sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

I watched a webinar on how to find products that were sold on Amazon that were in the middle of demand, not bright shiny objects everyone was trying to sell. After years of perfecting my formula of buying products I know will sell and that I do not have to sit on or will not sell. Through thousands of dollars of mistakes- I teach how to avoid all that. It’s very fulfilling to me to offer this to women and men, just anyone who is wanting to accomplish more and have more. As an introvert, I never thought I would teach this course, I thought more like I would do consulting. And after attending a business retreat where girls of all sorts of businesses attended and  were wanting to learn Amazon. I realized, even as much as it pushed against my inner introvert. It was time to provide this for other women, whether stay at home moms looking for something, wanting to escape your current job, or just adding another fun investment piece to your portfolio. I had a math tutor in high school. If you know how to be consistent, and work hard for yourself you cannot fail with this especially with the mentorship we provide with the program. There is not one excuse for why you can’t do this, unless you are lazy and want a get quick rich scheme, then keep scrolling.