What is a Secret Millionaire?

The no-nonsense way to build a business in private, that’s actually profitable — without joining an MLM or becoming an influencer.


Build a profitable, sustainable Amazon FBA business from anywhere with the ultimate How To course for women who are over the typical work-from-home options and scammy schemes.


Scalable from $3,000 to $10,000+ a month on your own time, in private and still being able to pick up your kids from school.

Sound like something you would want? 




Course only option gives you the option to work at your own pace still giving you 4 group calls with my team once a month for 4 months, after time of purchase. You still have guidance to ask questions in the calls and Facebook group. With this affordable price tag you can decide to upgrade to the mentorship later as capacity permits or continue on at your own pace! 



This is your all access pass to Britt. This has limited spots and opens up as capacity allows. Weekly recorded calls with the group. Britt's suppliers and resources. She helps you find brands, books and is personally committed to your success. If you want to invest in hand holding your way through this. This is the option for you! 

Course + Mentorship

About Britt

When I discovered Amazon FBA, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know the first thing about wholesale vs. private label, and book flipping sounded like a game dreamed up by some mischievous first graders. I invested in a “how to” course, but I still had to learn so much more on my own. I signed up for my own course, learned from a lot of mistakes, and have developed my own formula for success. The course I took left me guessing, and while I eventually figured it out for myself, the experience made me want to share my step-by-step process with others, so they can avoid the trial-and-error path I had to take.

To be completely transparent, I was most drawn to the anonymity of Amazon selling. This was a real-sounding opportunity to make money online…without announcing it to the world. 

Unlike other “work-at-home-mom” hustles, if I failed at Amazon FBA, at least I wouldn’t do so in front of my entire circle of family, friends and internet strangers. 

So, I quietly set out to see what I could learn about selling on Amazon. Fast-forward 5 years, and after many obstacles, mistakes, learning curves and missed opportunities, I found my rhythm. 

Today, my Amazon FBA business is a profitable, well-oiled machine that has blessed my family with more that I ever could have hoped for. Now, rather than simply providing an extra layer of financial security for my family, I have created wealth that will provide peace of mind for generations. 

I created The Secret Millionaires Academy to show other women that there is a real, effective, sustainable way to earn money from home that doesn’t require your face all over social media. There are so many predatory marketers, industries and “make money online” scammers that target stay-at-home-moms, taking advantage of our deep desire to provide for our families while caring for our children and our homes. Frankly, it’s disgusting.

It makes me sick to think of how many women lose time, money and precious energy on side hustles that will never earn them a penny. It can make us feel ashamed, like we are failures if we can’t do it all, including make money while we sleep by selling lipstick in our Facebook group.

So many of us have fallen for the #sidehustle #momboss lie the internet feeds us — we’ve all been there, myself included. 

I am here to say NO MORE.

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Why This Course


My course shows you a realistic, legal and moral way to sell on Amazon. It may take a little more work up front, but you will always have inventory you can sell with confidence. Bonus: using my method, you never have to step foot in a discount store again. Unless you want to, of course. Personally, I’m #teamlatenightshoppinginpjs 


Can’t I learn this stuff on Youtube?


Sure… but if you want to avoid hours of sifting through bad advice and shouty bro marketers spilling their “insider tips” (that are usually incomplete at best, and illegal at worst), then join The Secret Millionaires Academy. I’ve cut out all the nonsense, fluff, and techniques that just plain don’t work, saving you countless hours and tons of money.


Three Full “How To” Courses For Three Types of Amazon Businesses: 

  • How to Get Started With Book Flipping on Amazon (Value $997) 
    • Plus: Bonus List of Books to Start Flipping Now! (Value $400)
  • How to Build a Wholesale Business on Amazon (Value $1997) 
    • Plus: Bonus List of Wholesale Suppliers & Sales Reps (Value $500+)
  • How to Build a Profitable Private Label Brand on Amazon (Value $1997)
    • Plus: Bonus Vault of Private Label Resources (Value $350+)



  • 4 Zoom Coaching Calls with Britt (Value $797)
  • Lifetime Access to Continually Updated Google Drive Resources (Value $797)
  • Private Facebook Community (Value $97)
  • Printable Workbook (Value $47)

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Ready to Become a Secret Millionaire?

Stop searching for that golden opportunity to work from home that will allow you to earn an income you can feel good about - one that doesn’t force you to hawk lipstick to old high school friends or share your entire life on the ‘Gram. 


You’ve found your answer! It’s The Secret Millionaires Academy! Learn exactly how to build an Amazon FBA business that is consistently profitable so you can quietly earn money behind the scenes, building wealth and security for your family. 






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