The Secret Millionaires Academy


Yes, I Want In!

Yes, I Want In!

The no-nonsense, fluff-free way to build a business from home that’s actually profitable — without joining an MLM or becoming an influencer


Build a profitable, sustainable Amazon FBA business from home with the ultimate How To course for women who are over the typical work-from-home options and scammy “make money while you sleep” schemes

 Yes, I Want In!

I See You Because I Was You


You’re still searching for that golden opportunity to work from home, one that doesn’t involve plastering your face across a dozen social media platforms…or even worse, sending Hey girl! messages to people you haven’t seen since high school? 


Does this sound familiar? 


You want to earn an income…without losing time with your kids.


You worry about your long-term financial security…what if something happens to your spouse? What if he loses his job?


You’ve scoured the internet for the perfect work-from-home solution…but nothing feels “right” to you. 


Too good to be true.

Giving off scam vibes.

Way outside my comfort zone.

Not interested.


You think to yourself “It’s 2022 - there has to be a way to do this that actually works.”


As a stay-at-home mom, Brittany Whitaker was right there with you, searching for a way to earn an income without sending her kids to daycare. The options she found were less than appealing:


🟣 Join a network marketing (aka, MLM) company?

❌ As an introvert, the thought of “networking” to make sales (aka, jump into strangers’ DMs or host “fun” parties) sounded like a nightmare


🟣 Become an influencer on social media, shaking it on TikTok and over-sharing pieces of your home life

❌ Sure, it works for some people, but being a highly visible momfluencer or other viral sensation? Not interested in the slightest


🟣 Invest in one of those flashy “Get Rich In 8 Simple Steps By Buying My Course” ads that keep interrupting your late-night scroll

❌ Let’s be real… you can practically smell the bad cologne wafting off that bro marketer. No way are you trusting him with your money


🟣 Give up on the idea of making an income from home… maybe you can work when the kids are older

❌ Not an option - you refuse to give up. There MUST be a way to make this happen.


Guess What? There Is!  


Learn how inside The Secret Millionaire’s Academy


After growing a thriving, multi-six-figure Amazon business from home, Britt knew it was time to help other women do the same.


Inside The Secret Millionaire’s Academy, she’s sharing all her expertise, gleaned from years of trial-and-error as she bootstrapped her way from curious book flipper to owning a powerhouse private label brand on Amazon.


Avoid the costly mistakes she learned along the way


Fast-forward past the usual growing pains and roadblocks that trip people up


Build a business that’s stable, profitable, sustainable, and fun!


Why Amazon FBA?


Fulfilled By Amazon, or FBA is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs who are committed to consistency and hard work. Just look at these numbers: 


244 million+ people visit Amazon each month

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have an Amazon Prime account

I mean, just think about it: Where do you go when you need to buy…well, just about anything??

Amazon, of course! 

Amazon currently has 200,000 FBA sellers making over 35 billion in sales

To say there’s room for growth and profit would be an understatement! 


Unfortunately, many hopeful would-be FBA sellers start and quit before every making a sale. This happens for a few reasons: 


  1. They become overwhelmed & confused by the rules of FBA selling
  2. They lack consistency & drive
  3. They follow terrible, incomplete, and/or unethical advice
  4. They start out with unreasonable expectations


The Secret Millionaires Academy Gives You Everything You Need to Build & Grow a Profitable Amazon FBA Business While Avoiding Common Pitfalls That Trip Up Beginners

  Yes, I Want In!


 Is SMA right for you?


The Secret Millionaire Academy Is For You If: 


  • You are eager to learn & have a drive to be successful
  • You’re not afraid of hard work and consistency
  • You want to be in control of your financial future without sacrificing time at home
  • You aren’t interested in showing your face all over the internet just to make money 
  • You are over the hype of loud, flashy marketers trying to sell you the next “get rich quick” scheme
  • You love the idea of quietly making money / building a profitable business that no one knows about
  • You are deeply interested in establishing a brand that has longevity and 

This Is Not For You If: 


  • You are looking to get rich quick 
  • You expect to turn a profit overnight
  • You aren’t fully committed to doing hard work
  • You aren’t willing to invest at least some money??? up front
  • You’re fine trying to figure it out on your own
  • You have no desire to build an e-commerce business

#GirlBoss #HustleCulture? Not interested! 

Get a job? Nope!  

There’s another way to earn money from home!


The Secret Millionaires Academy


Yes, I Want In!